Yoga for Children – 5 steps to develop the habit of Yoga in kids

Yoga for Children - 5 Simple Yoga Tips

Parents often ask, “how can I develop the habit of yoga in my child?” Well, the age group 7-9 is continuously growing without any developmental and physical constraints. They develop an understanding of the world around them and adapt to certain behavioural patterns. It is said that childhood is the best time to foster good habits in them. Since the child is in the process of learning and implementing, it is important to be cautious about the habits and the way they are being embedded in them. Furthermore, the books and academic curriculum in general, act as a support system to enhance their lifestyle. Young children experience and have more stimulated body awareness. To add yoga to their daily to-do list, here are some engaging tips for the parents which help introduce health and fitness-related goals as well as develop essential motor and cognitive skills.

Parents who practice yoga regularly are aware of the innumerable benefits it serves. Yoga provides strength to the body, calms the mind, and contributes naturally to keeping the body healthy and fit. It helps in inculcating inner strength to fight mental health-related issues too. Yoga is a blessing that helps children to develop a whole skill set that will shape their personality and help them with good decision-making. So, now that yoga has become the magic key towards a healthy and happy lifestyle, then why not start helping your child with these effective tips-


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Share your practice time

Children are smarter than us. They are hyperactive in participation and utilise their skills to win any game. They possess motor skills, coordination, and balance; which are required in all yogic exercises. A wonderful way to introduce yoga to your child is by sharing your time with them which means giving them company during their session. Take a step ahead with them to give them a meaningful experience. For instance, if you are sitting for long periods of meditation, you can invite your child to sit with you and coordinate with your breath. Let him/her follow your activity and learn that regular practice makes you happy.


Start slow and simple

Simple is always the trick. Try simple yoga poses with your child to develop their interest in yoga. You can sit facing the sun, or follow its rising and setting by walking. Ask a simple question from your child, “ What is the sun and what does it provide us?’’ With their simple answers add on- sun nourishes us and we should pray to the sun: ‘Thank you. You bring light and please enlighten my heart too.’ This will keep their mind engaged and help kids develop concentration. 

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Focus on breathing

It is observed that the children aged seven and up have more controlled breathing than the little ones. Parents can guide them in breathing properly while performing any asana and in between. They should be taught to breathe to the abdomen with the yogic diaphragmatic breath. This activates concentration and calmness which ultimately lowers anxiety. Once the child has introduced himself to meditation, he will surely find himself more disciplined and the mind is the most valuable asset he has his command.


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Make Yoga creative

Young children are more likely to respond when they find creativity in any task. A creative way to help them extend and bring in creativity is to introduce them to modelled yogic poses. Ask them to copy the same. This will be fun and help them to get familiar with the exercises. 

Secondly, a group of teachers or parents can conduct a 10-15 minutes “yoga workshop”. Try to have this session by imparting the basic knowledge of:

  1. How to start and exit with the pose
  2. How to perform the pose better
  3. Different variations in the pose
  4. Focus on balance and coordination
  5. How to perform in pairs or with a group
  6. The benefits of the pose and its positive effects on body, mind, and spirit 

Since we are a part of the technologically advanced generation, let’s put our modern devices into some use. Make use of graphical content and create any yoga sequence, movie, or short play. Ask the children to perform the same. Praise their creativity!


Grow with time

It is important to pace up the ladder once the child reaches the basic level. Growth is necessary for transformation. It is believed that the parents who practice yoga regularly without any failure, their children have the habit of doing it after some time. Their parents’ transformation creates an impact that eventually transforms them. As a parent, these questions are somewhere evident- firstly, are you using your yoga to set an example of actually living a balanced life? Secondly, are you tapping into its lasting effects so it becomes part of who you are and how you present yourself as a parent?”

Every child is different and should get the opportunity to shine. Ask yourself- wouldn’t the world be a monotonous place if we all were the same? Every child knows to use different rainbow colours for his unique talent and passions. Yoga can do wonders for children by uplifting their self-esteem, rewarding them with a sense of personal empowerment.

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