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Top Preschool Learning Activities to do at Home

Top Preschool learning activities to do at Home Learning and laughing with an enthusiasm to explore the language and its intricate nature - every parent wishes to create this environment around their child every day. We are aware that our little ones love to play games. Why not provide these little warriors with a shield? [...]

Ways to make online learning more interactive

How to make e-learning more interactive? Learning has to be interactive and creative. The child would hunt to finish the puzzle instead of writing on a piece of paper. In other words, the concepts taught with a practical approach and engaging way, students feel their importance in their daily life and grasp them for the [...]

How to start primary schooling at home with overview?

Primary schooling at home: Make it fun with Reading Eggs Ken Robinson has rightly said, “all children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.” Starting with primary school can be challenging for the parents as well as for the child. Making friends, learning [...]

What are the benefits of e-learning for Children : Online Classes

Benefits of e-learning for Children (Online Classes) Not mere trends but online learning has come as a rescue during the pandemic COVID-19 which has become a part of our everyday life. The students, teachers, and employees, all went remote for learning and working. Many schools and universities are adopting online platforms due to flexibility, personalised [...]

Learn To Read – Effective Tips To Learn English For Beginners

Learn To Read - Effective tips to learn English For beginners Do you still ask yourself why everyone wants to learn English? The answer is very simple and obvious. English is a universal language. Ever since the Britishers started expanding their reach in different parts of the world, they ‘blessed’ everyone with the English language. [...]

Home schooling – The ultimate guide for parents

What is home schooling? Guide for parents and teachers Home schooling can be defined as a progressive method that aims at educating the children at home. Generally, parents are the first teachers of children but in some cases, professional tutors are hired to teach children basic literacy skills. Home-schooling is beneficial for the child as [...]

Mathematical And Counting Games : An amazing approach towards learning

Mathematical And Counting Games : An amazing approach towards learning Why Mathematical Counting Games? Mathematics begins and ends on numbers. Counting games are the allowance that the children get when they start learning and enter the world of mathematics. Are you wondering how? Well, counting games are no different than any game or activity you [...]

Where you can find Nursery Rhymes & children songs with lyrics

Benefits of nursery rhymes & songs Baa, baa black sheep Have you any wool Yes sir, yes sir Three bags full. One for my master And one for my dame And one for the little boy Who lives down the lane. -Baa Baa Black Sheep lyrics   Are you still trying to remember this amazing [...]

What is Synthetic Phonics? – Approaches/ Programme & Examples

What is Synthetic Phonics? - Approaches/ Programme & Examples What is phonics and why are they important? Phonics is an interactive way to teach reading, the letter-sound combination and their use in reading, writing, and spelling. Initially, the child acquires the pronounced words and their sounds by observing his surroundings. Later on, the academic curriculum [...]

Top Activities to Improve Reading Comprehension

Top Activities to Improve Reading Comprehension Top activities to develop reading comprehension in early readers Reading comprehension is a crucial skill of the English language. Even adults experience this issue of reading for hours and are unable to understand the context and meaning of the text. You may fluently read the written words but understanding [...]

Top 10 skills of reading to learn for kids

Top 10 skills of reading to learn for kids When should you start teaching reading to your kids? Teaching kids reading is teamwork in itself. Parents, teachers, and children themselves play a significant role in the development of any skill. Be it taking steps or starting to read, traditionalists believe that a child shows his […]

Teaching your child Phonetic Alphabet Sounds with worksheets

A complete guide of Phonetic Alphabet Sounds The first step towards literacy is learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Now, fluency in reading comes with the teaching of phonics. The concept of sounds and consonant blends should be covered in phonics worksheets. With creative phonics worksheets, the child develops a better understanding of words, […]

What are sight words? – Sight words for kindergarten

Proven ways to teach sight words to children at home Sight words are words that are seen and read in the text more often by kindergarteners. In simple terms, these are high-frequency words that the children catch up with at a fast pace. A fair share of 50-75% of the children’s textbooks contains sight words […]

Where are phonics classes available?

Online phonics classes available on Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar Children from the age group of 5-10 develop efficient reading and speaking skills. It becomes questionable how come the same word is written and spoken differently. Sounds and written letters play an important role while inculcating these learning skills in children. ‘Phonics’ becomes a successful […]

How to guide a child to read at home?

How can parents improve their child’s reading skills? There is always a creative calling inside every child and that too begins with his desire to read, speak and understand. Children between the age group 3-5 are quick adapters which is why it becomes important for parents to develop and cultivate good reading skills in them.  […]

Phonics Sound Words with the Vocabulary

Online English Learning with Vocabulary, Spelling and Pronunciation for Class LKG and Class UKG Phonics Sound Words with the Vocabulary – To speak English well, to communicate well, children need to develop a large vocabulary, also known as word bank which is an essential part of learning to read. A child in Class LKG and […]

Online learning at home for Foundational Skills for Pre-Nursery & Nursery

Pre-Nursery & Nursery Online Classes Pre-Primary is now Foundational Stage as per National Education Policy, 2020. With an exhaustive focus on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in an activity-based, gamified pedagogy, learning in the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and kindergarten classes is no more memorizing. It is experiential learning that matters the most with exhaustive practice with high […]

Phonics Classes Online For Beginners – Read with Phonics

Phonics Classes Online For Beginners Phonics Online Learning with Ratna Sagar, in association with Blake E-Learning, Australia brings to you online learning for Phonics with the  Reading Eggs Programme in India. Phonics Learning or phonics for beginners is a core part of English Skills Learning for your kids. Ratna Sagar launched the phonics online classes with […]