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Children from the age group of 5-10 develop efficient reading and speaking skills. It becomes questionable how come the same word is written and spoken differently. Sounds and written letters play an important role while inculcating these learning skills in children. Online phonics lessons become a successful method to teach children reading and writing along with the sound of each letter. The goal is to acknowledge the words and then read them fluently. Children combine the sounds and written letters to read. 

Benefits of learning Phonics – 

  1. It makes reading an exercise for the brain.
  2. It also enhances a child’s vocabulary and language.
  3. Phonics learning empowers a child’s imagination and empathy.
  4. Reading helps the child to recognise syllables and symbols of language.
  5. It helps to grasp unfamiliar words of the language.

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Why online learning of Phonics?

  • Flexibility of time and place

The foremost advantage of opting for online phonics classes and learning for children is the flexibility of time and place. Learn whenever you want. There is no limitation to carrying books all the time. A smart device would help you to keep track of your child’s learning. The modern learning management system ensures that you get learning progress-related information in a swift manner.  

  • Trending topics and activities

Online phonics classes for children prepare lessons in an interactive way. They ingest the trending topics and activities which thrill the child as well as help him keep up with his learning. These classes bring the updated lessons for the children. That’s how they make phonics learning more fun.

  • Variety of plans with vast syllabus

An interesting approach by online phonics classes at home is that they give options for a variety of plans along with a carefully prepared syllabus for the children. Parents can get access to the free trial and then get a suitable plan for their child. The syllabus covers multiple learning lessons and fun activities.

  • Cost-effective

Online phonics lessons are cost-effective in a way that parents get access to the resources which can be visited anytime. There are no multiple charges applied. As compared to the offline classes available, online classes aim to provide study materials accessible to the children forever.

  • Parallel development of technical skills in the child – Positive screen time

As technology is evolving everyday, our lifestyle is also getting enriched with the modern devices around us. To help children adapt to this lifestyle, online phonics classes are a great start. This will help the child to understand the usability of the devices and the accessibility of the lessons on his portal. The online phonics classes are designed very creatively to focus their mind on learning more in a fun way. 

Online Phonics classes with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a highly engaging programme that focuses on a core language and reading curriculum of phonics and sight words. The programme helps children to improve vocabulary, fluency and comprehension while reading.

Reading Eggs is a systematic, structured, sequential, complete skill-based programme that teaches the child to recognise the letter, its appropriate sound and pronunciation. The all-inclusive lessons teach children to blend sounds all the way through a word in order to read and spell it properly. The children learn through a wide variety of interactive fun games and activities. 

Following a highly structured approach and pattern, Reading Eggs introduces the technique of reading words from left to right and blending all the way through the word from the very first lesson. There are ‘sound buttons’ in the early stages of the programme to encourage children to make letter-sound correspondences and to teach them how to blend individual phonemes to read words.

Reading Eggs teaches children how to read a core list of high-frequency words quickly and confidently. The skill is known as automaticity and it is crucial for developing reading fluency. There are activities within the programme that help children to build their vocabulary. This is an essential element of learning to read and adapting to skills that help in reading comprehension.

Children love Fast Phonics!

Fast phonics is a compact course for children between the age group 5-10 years. Either your child has started to read or is struggling at school, Reading Eggs paces the learning process by inculcating motivating rewards and certificates within. In this way, the children keep track of their progress and are enthusiastic about improving their skills every day. 


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Fast Phonics activities with Reading Eggs

The programme comprises 20-fun filled levels where children learn key phonics skills including letter-sound recognition, blending and spelling. Each level is a Mountain Peak covering one set of letters with more than 20 exciting activities at each level. With 400 activities, there are 200 eBooks that help children practice what they learn.

What’s there in Fast Phonics – Reading Eggs?

  • Animated videos

There are entertaining learning videos that reinforce systematic synthetic phonics instruction. Letter‑sound videos incorporate powerful visual mnemonics (visual memory aids) – proven to boost letter-sound recognition.

  • Interactive activities and printable worksheets

With activities and worksheets of letter‑sound recognition, blending all through the word, spelling skills, nonwords, syllables, reading captions, and extended text, children practice how to read and spell words properly. There are a bunch of printable resources, easy‑to‑follow worksheets, and handwriting pages for each peak, so the child can practise key phonics skills offline.

  • Assessment and reporting

Regular quizzes assess phonics skills and track your child’s progress. There are rewards and levels which get updated as the child proceeds and achieves.

Reading Eggs is designed by a team of literacy experts. The programme includes over 3500+ online books for children — each ending with a comprehension quiz that assesses your child’s understanding. 

You may sign up your child for a 14 days free trial of the Reading Eggs programme by clicking on the button below.


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