Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar

The Reading Eggs programme has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers with over 30 years of experience. The Reading Eggs programme focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success. It completely supports what children learn at school and will help to improve your child’s school results.

The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s“learn to read” journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young children. By incorporating Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine, you will be helping to prepare them for the same structured learning they will need to succeed and feel confident at school.

Using the five essential keys to reading success, the programme unlocks all aspects of learning to read for your child. The lessons use colourful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards to keep children motivated. The programme is completely interactive to keep children on task. When children start the programme, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they are starting at the correct reading level. Parents can access detailed progress reports as well as hundreds of full-colour downloadable activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the programme. The programme includes over 3500+ online books for kids — each ending with a comprehension quiz that assesses your child’s understanding.

About Ratna Sagar & Blake eLearning Collaboration

Ratna Sagar P. Ltd has partnered with Blake eLearning to promote its English course, ABC Reading Eggs, in India.

Ratna Sagar is one of the largest and most renowned publishing houses in India today. Ratna Sagar is named after a library of the Nalanda University, an ancient seat of learning which flourished over 2000 years ago. Founded in 1982, Ratna Sagar brings out books that represent exemplary standards of publishing. It has been our endeavour to prove ourselves worthy of our ancient namesake. Our mission statement reads, “... to bring out books for children that really constitute an ocean of gems. These books will employ the most modern and proven approaches towards the shaping of young minds.”

Ratna Sagar was awarded the ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2010 and ISO 14001:2004 certification in 2013. Our rich tapestry of books has become synonymous with quality education. Our books are being used by the leading schools of the country.

To quote our quality policy statement, “Each book embodies the highest level of teaching methodology, designing, presentation and pedagogical effectiveness.” Perhaps the best illustration of this missionary zeal can be found in the books developed by Ratna Sagar for effective English Language Teaching and also in our flagship series Living Science. Our books are carefully and attractively designed by our experts to make learning an interesting, creative and fun-filled experience.

Ratna Sagar regularly hosts seminars and workshops in its ongoing programme for effective education. As part of this programme we organize workshops on English Teaching, Motivation, Creative Writing & the Art of Storytelling. Participants include school principals, teachers and educators.

In order to achieve our objective of excellence and innovation in education, Ratna Sagar jointly publishes educational books as well as medical books with other national and international publishers such as Scholastic, Blake Publishing, Byword and Dr NDTV. Ratna Sagar has also joined hands with Harper Collins to bring the world-famous Collins dictionaries to the Indian reader. Among the seventeen dictionaries marketed by Ratna Sagar are French, Spanish, German and Italian dictionaries for Indian schoolchildren.

For the past 38 years Ratna Sagar has been identified with high quality school-level books. The market response and the acceptance of our books by schools across India, thanks to the support and cooperation of teachers, has been excellent. This has encouraged us to think in terms of forward integration and diversifying into the publication of higher academic books. With the launch of its new imprint PRIMUS BOOKS, Ratna Sagar has now ventured into publishing academic reference works and textbooks for professors, lecturers, research scholars and graduate and postgraduate students.

Blake eLearning is a highly experienced team that specialises in creating high quality literacy products for schools and educators throughout the world. Their educational books are successful in all major English speaking markets. Blake eLearning company is a recognised leader in creating innovative, exciting programmes that both teachers and children enjoy using.

With an association of 20 years in print with titles like Mental Maths, Gems English Grammar, Targeting Maths and many others. Ratna Sagar has now collaborated with Blake elearning for one of the most popular programmes in the world and launched it as India's First Gamified ELT Course, compatible with NEP 2020.

Welcome To Reading Eggs With Ratna Sagar

Best Online Learning Programme
For Pre-Nursery To Class 8

First Step
(2 – 4 years)

Delight your toddler with fun games and activities that build alphabet knowledge and ready-to-read skills.

Learn To Read
(3 – 7 years)

Children follow structured one-on-one lessons that teach phonics, sight words and reading skills.

Mastering Phonics
(5 – 10 years)

Fast paced lesson covered phonics skills, perfect both emergent and struggling readers.

Learning Maths
(3 – 9 years)

Nurture an early love of maths with structured lesson with activities that build essential maths skills.

Building Confidance
(7 – 13 years)

Older children can continue building key literacy skills that will help them succeed in school.

Nursery to Class 8

3500 E-Books provide an opportunity to read variety of fiction and non-fiction titles that help develop comprehension skills.

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