Preschool Reading

Preschool Reading: A Quick Guide for Parents

Preschool reading plays an indispensable role in a child’s development. It lays the foundation for academic success and overall well-being. Early exposure to books cultivates essential cognitive and language skills and enhances communication and creativity. As a parent, you play a crucial role in fostering your child’s early literacy skills. Here’s a quick guide to help you support your preschooler’s reading development:

 Read Aloud Regularly

Set aside dedicated time each day for reading together. Choose a variety of books with colourful pictures and engaging stories. Use different voices and expressions to make the reading experience enjoyable.

Create a Reading-Friendly Environment

Have a cosy reading nook with comfortable seating and good lighting. Keep a variety of age-appropriate books within easy reach.

Encourage Interaction

Ask open-ended questions about the story to promote discussion. Encourage your child to predict what might happen next or to share their thoughts and feelings about the characters.

Build Vocabulary

Introduce new words during reading sessions. Point to pictures and objects, and explain their meanings. Play word games or use flashcards to make learning new words fun.

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Practice Letter Recognition

Point out letters in the books and help your child identify them. Use magnetic letters, alphabet puzzles, or letter blocks for hands-on learning.

Explore Phonics

Introduce basic phonics by emphasising the sounds of letters. Play rhyming games to enhance phonemic awareness.

Visit the Library

Take regular trips to the local library. Let your child choose books that interest them.

Attend library events or storytime sessions to make reading a social activity.

Model Reading

Let your child see you reading books, newspapers, or magazines.

Talk about what you’re reading and express your enthusiasm for books. Children imitate what they see.

Use Technology Wisely

Introduce educational apps or interactive e-books that promote early literacy skills.

Limit screen time and ensure that technology supplements, not replaces, traditional reading.

Celebrate Achievements

 Praise your child’s efforts and accomplishments in reading. Create a reading log or chart to track progress and set small goals.

Be patient, make reading a positive experience, and adapt your approach to suit your child’s interests and learning style. In accomplishing this, Reading Eggs and Mathseeds can prove to be an asset. It makes the learning to read journey fun, interactive, and highly rewarding.

You’ve been there to celebrate their first words and first steps. Now see your child learn to read their very first book with Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Let’s discuss how the programme helps children in developing their preschool reading skills.

Learning to read at home

The home serves as a primary hub for your child’s learning, fostering confidence, happiness, and support. It stands as the optimal environment to establish the foundational elements for sustained reading and academic achievements. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds offers a well-structured and enjoyable learn-to-read programme, ensuring educational effectiveness while seamlessly fitting into your daily routine.

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The science behind learning to read

Reading Eggs and Mathseeds focuses on a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension, and reading for meaning. Right from the initial lesson, children find motivation and enthusiasm for learning. The educational journey unfolds through numerous online reading lessons and a vast collection of engaging e-books, providing constant guidance and motivation for your child throughout their learning process.

Reading Eggs and Mathseeds focuses on a number of important concepts for achieving successful reading:

Phonemic Awareness

The programme instills in children the ability to hear and manipulate different sounds within words. Early lessons focus on rhyme recognition, matching letters and sounds, and understanding the dynamics of sounds in forming words.


Recognizing the connection between letters and their corresponding sounds is a fundamental skill emphasised throughout Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Children learn to decode words into sounds and encode sounds into words through engaging activities resembling games. Each lesson concludes with a book tailored to the child’s current abilities, fostering the joy of independent reading.


Understanding word meanings, definitions, and contextual usage is vital for academic success. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds introduces new words throughout its lessons, supported by visual aids to enhance context and retention.

Reading Comprehension

Great readers immerse themselves in stories, visualising characters, contemplating events, and sharing the emotional journey of the characters. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds employs activities that scaffold a child’s understanding, progressing from pre-reading exercises to stimulate critical thinking. The programme guides children from learning words and their meanings to reading for comprehension, transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn.


Reading fluency, encompassing speed, accuracy, and comprehension in reading aloud, is cultivated through various skills. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds recognizes the importance of good phonic decoding skills, a growing bank of high-frequency words recognized at sight, and the time children spend reading books at an appropriate level. The programme provides instructional activities that build children’s reading stamina, making reading a skill that develops with time, effort, and regular practice. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds offers a comprehensive journey from non-reader to proficient reader, empowering children to become lifelong readers and learners. But, that’s not all. Reading Eggs and Mathseeds employs colourful animations, lively characters, songs, and rewards to maintain children’s motivation, ensuring an entirely interactive experience that keeps them focused.

Stages of learning with Reading Eggs and Mathseeds:

Learn Essential Reading Skills

   – Animated online lessons immerse children in essential reading and phonics skills.

   – Varied activities within each lesson provide the repetition necessary for these skills to become ingrained in the child’s long-term memory.

Read Books Online

  – Children gain confidence by reading online books containing words they’ve studied in the programme.

  – The Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programme boasts of a number of books with a lexile level filter, contributing to the child’s growing proficiency.

Earn Rewards

  – Children receive golden eggs as rewards for progress, which they can use to purchase games and items for their avatar or house.

   – Certificates at the end of each activity further acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.

Complete Quizzes

 – After 10 lessons, children undergo a quiz, offering insights into their learning progress.

 – Children can repeat lessons as needed to reinforce key concepts.

Online Children’s Books: The Ultimate Library for Kids

With a selection of over 3800 levelled children’s books online, the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Library offers a diverse range of options, including storybooks, alphabet books, early chapter books and poems.

Comprehension Quizzes for Every Online Children’s Book

Comprehension, a vital part of the reading process, is integrated into the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Library. Each online children’s book includes built-in comprehension questions tailored to ensure understanding.

Fluency with Read Aloud Kids Books Online

The Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Library includes online children’s books with read-aloud audio feature, providing children the opportunity to develop reading fluency by revisiting their favourite books.

Available on Multiple Devices

The Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Library’s children’s books can be accessed on desktop computers, tablets, and phones, allowing for learning on the go.

In nurturing your preschooler’s reading skills, it’s essential to appreciate the unique journey of each child. Embrace the individual pace of development, offering encouragement and positivity along the way. By fostering a love for reading through shared experiences and celebrating small victories, you’re not just helping them learn to read – you’re instilling a lifelong appreciation for the magical world of books. Enjoy the delightful moments of discovery and growth as your child embarks on their reading adventure. Happy reading!

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