Reading Comprehension with Tips and Tricks for Kids

Know more about Reading Comprehension with Tips and Tricks for Kids

Reading comprehension is an asset for children to achieve the heights of success in school, at work, and in life in general. If the child strengthens verbal ability and reading comprehension; it aids in learning to read fluently at an early age, his speaking and listening also get enhanced with time and regular practice. To ensure your child’s reading success, help them with developing reading comprehension which will help them to grasp the ideas that are discussed in the text and boost their level of understanding of English comprehension at the same time. 

A study on toddlers’ cognitive development was conducted and the observations are as follows:

“A child care provider reads to a toddler. And in a matter of seconds, thousands of cells in these children’s growing brains respond. Some brain cells are ‘turned on,’ triggered by this particular experience. Many existing connections among brain cells are strengthened. At the same time, new brain cells are formed, adding a bit more definition and complexity to the intricate circuitry that will remain largely in place for the rest of these children’s lives.”

Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar presents some of the effective methods to boost your child’s imagination. Follow this article till the end to learn how parents, teachers, and children collaborate on giving quality time with books and the art of reading.

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1. Stay consistent with reading and speaking the English language

“Guaranteed to bring results within 6 weeks, if used for 20 minutes a day for 3 days a week”- Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar makes a difference by helping the students in acquiring the skills that can assist them in performing well academically. The distinctive feature of the Reading Eggs home model is that it actively supports homeschooling for children in the early years of their schooling. To improve reading comprehension, Reading Eggs comprises various animated lessons which are supported by engaging worksheets, games, rewards, a library, and many more. The list of features is long and so are the benefits and the scope of the immense growth of your child. With multiple genres available to choose from and read from in the library, the child learns new words and discovers new things about their surroundings. With read-aloud books, the child can follow and learn to spell the words correctly and increase the pace of their reading fluently. Reading regularly helps to boost their confidence. Ask questions to see if they are following the story. Questions like, “Can you tell what happened before that in the story?” stimulates to search for relevant answers. 

2. Involve in casual conversations

To create space for curiosity, joy, and a will to know and explore more, reading together can help to build a relationship between parents, teachers, and children. There are exciting activities with rewards which can enlighten the mood as well as encourage them to perform better. To begin with, read along with the child and describe the story. Tell them the meaning of difficult words. Interpret line by line and ask questions from your child. In this way, they will be able to visualise the story and grasp easy-to-understand words. 

3. Explore nature and the outside world

Go for a walk with your child to get them a realistic and meaningful learning experience. Children are keen observers who put forward their opinions on the happenings of their surroundings. They connect it with the acquired knowledge so far from reading books. Hence, forming a connection with nature and its surroundings becomes a prominent way to build comprehension skills with reading comprehension worksheets

4. Know their reading problems

Reading is not something which can be perfected overnight. Take baby steps with your child to teach them how to read. In the beginning, reading seems difficult as it requires the knowledge of letters and their sounds. It becomes important to expose age-appropriate reading resources to their child. He/She can face some problems ranging from dyslexia to poor vision and concentration problems like ADHD and Autism. The only resolution is to get involved with them and identify the problem that is bugging them and doubt themselves. Evaluate their reading methods and the help that they might need to improve their reading skills. After evaluating the problem, adopt your child’s specific strategies to curb that particular problem. 

Teachers and parents play a significant role throughout the learning journey of the child. It allows them to gain knowledge and comprehend what they have learned so far and establish a foundational base to grasp more concepts easily and quickly. During the early years of your child’s schooling, help them to become a better version of themselves and adopt self-study academically.

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