Learn To Read English – Effective Tips To Learn English For Beginners

Learn To Read - Effective Tips To Learn English For Beginners

Do you still ask yourself why everyone wants to learn to read and write English? The answer is very simple and obvious. English is a universal language. Ever since the Britishers started expanding their reach in different parts of the world, they ‘blessed’ everyone with the English language. Continuous refinements and intermixing of dialects made English the language of people.

Today, English has a huge impact and is accepted as a standard language across the world. So, you can start reading English for beginners. It is not a piece of cake but it can be; start practicing some effective ways listed below. But before that, let us help you with some common questions that pop up in your mind frequently.


Where to start from?

Think of your mind as a clean slate. There is no starting or ending point to learn to read English. If not English, if it is any foreign language too, there is no definite walkway to join. The journey is important. Your commitment to learning and practising is more important. Similarly, if you know bits and pieces and want to hone your speaking skills, you should start today. Lastly, if you are a parent and want to teach your child, you can easily begin with the Reading Eggs comprehensive programme where there are dozens of English books waiting for you to read and enhance your fluency. The library is categorised into different lexical levels according to the difficulty levels that the reader faces while reading any text. More interestingly, there are several genres (fiction, non-fiction, myths, space, plants, etc.). Read what interests your child. 

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How are listening and speaking related?

A very general question asked by people- how will my listening improve my speaking skills?

Well, skills like reading, writing, speaking, and listening are interrelated. A simple logic that follows- an individual can only express himself if he/she understands what is being spoken. Listening gives more contextual information about what is being talked about and English for oral communication. Effective listening enables a good and large quantity of language exchange between speaking and listening parties. This helps them get the essence of the feelings and mood of the speaker. In simple terms, speaking without listening or vice-versa cannot help you communicate well. They both go parallel. So, if you are struggling to speak well, make sure you are a good listener first. 

How to learn English quickly and effectively?

Here are some of the effective tips that can help you with learning English faster:

  • Establish your goals and agenda

If your end goal is clear, then setting goals and following them is easy. Whether you are getting into a profession that requires English proficiency or you need to learn it for mere survival in a foreign land, you are familiar with the goals and the efforts that you need to do to achieve that goal. As a parent, your goal might be to teach your child how to read. For that, you have to look for relevant resources and give adequate practice time to your child. 

  • Make a commitment

Children get distracted easily. It becomes a challenge to teach them. As a parent, you have to be cautious to choose effective ways to teach them. As a child or an adult, you need to make commitments to devote some time regularly to master that skill.

  • A balance between key areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

It is observed that about 40% of the time that we spend our time simply listening. We speak about 35% of the time. Moreover, 16% of communication comes from reading, and 9% from writing. These statistical values are for an average communicator in English. The core activity that will help you will be the amalgamation of these four areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. For instance, you can read a book and then discuss it with your friends. You can watch any movie and write a review about it. In this way, you will create a balance and improve at the same time. 


Will an advanced vocabulary make me an expert in English speaking?

Definitely. A rich vocabulary will make you familiar with the complexity of the language. There are so many similar-sounding words with different meanings. Similarly, there are a lot of words with the same meaning. If you learn to use the words properly while speaking, you can be an expert. Many keen learners start studying English in classrooms. Knowledge of words in the classroom can bring confidence and awareness about their usage in different places. 


I am a parent. How can I teach English to my child?

For more literacy and word practice for kindergarteners and young readers, Reading Eggs is the prime choice of the parents. The Stepping Stones Reading lessons are the core of the Reading Eggs learn to read programme. Each lesson builds on the previous one to build skills in the five key areas needed to become a good reader: phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

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The lessons are categorised into three broad levels with 40 lessons in each level.

Level 1: For absolute beginners, lessons 1-40.

Level 2: For emerging readers, lessons 41-80.

Level 3: For early readers, lessons 81-120.

Reading Eggs is designed by a team of literacy experts. The programme includes over 3500+ online books for kids — each ending with a comprehension quiz that assesses your child’s understanding. They recognize these sight words by creatively designed popping balloons or crossing levels to get into thrilling challenges and win! Reading Eggs makes sure that they learn, practice, and get rewards on every win. 

You may sign up your child for a 14 days free trial of the Reading Eggs programme by clicking on the button below.

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