What are the benefits of e-learning for Children (Online Classes)

What are the benefits of e-learning for Children : Online Classes

Not mere trends but eLearning platforms for students have come to rescue during the pandemic COVID-19 which has become a part of our everyday life. The students, teachers, and employees, all went remote for learning and working. Many schools and universities are adopting online platforms due to flexibility, personalised features, convenience and a safer learning environment. E-learning platforms for kids broaden one’s horizons for academic learning and improve the overall learning experience for students. Students, teachers, and parents must keep up with their technological skills and knowledge of smart devices and how to use them. Within smart classrooms, there are online resources available in abundance that enhance the learning environment and make the child more creative and productive.

For example, two children – one is skimming from the textbook and the other is watching videos and having activities and exercises related to the topic. Who do you think will remember the concepts in the long run? The second one. It is because our mind reacts more quickly to the pictorial representation rather than the worldly explanation for the same thing. Further exercises and activities will help him identify the scope of improvement for different sections. 

E-learning platform for students has become the ultimate game-changer in the education sector. It has a lot of benefits. Some are obvious while others are surprising. Let’s know the surprising ones!


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  • Multiple learning opportunities

The online platforms for learning have a lot of information to help children in their academics. However, along with the courses, these platforms are loaded with some extra courses (like personality development, public speaking and writing skills). These courses benefit the individual in learning crucial life skills. The children can have multiple learning opportunities on a single platform.

  • Platforms to share opinions

When everything is on the web, learning through digital means is the best thing for children. The child can learn to access online platforms and can catch up with the topics and clear his doubts through lessons and extended help from mentors. Today, almost every e-learning platform for kids propagates the idea of sharing perspectives. It means utilising the space to seek knowledge from others. They have in-built discussion forums which are open to views on the topics and lessons. Other than forums, there is a range of multimedia tools to represent their views, discuss, debate, and explain. There is no particular barrier to limiting one’s thoughts. The children, parents, and teachers become an integral part of this discussion group where new insights are shared through collective communication.

  • User-centric approach

The most important feature of an e-learning platform for students is that it follows a user-centric approach. In other words, these are specifically programmed to ease the user that suits his pace and style of learning. So, e-learning helps the children to evaluate their learning methods and focus on improving afterwards.

The platform that assists both parents and the child in developing initial reading skills is Reading Eggs. The study lesson plans are designed by experts with over 30 years of experience. Reading Eggs is a highly engaging programme that focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words. The Reading Eggs programme helps the child to understand vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension while reading.

Reading Eggs is a unique sequential skills-based programme that teaches the child to recognise the letter, its appropriate sound, and pronunciation. The all-inclusive lessons teach children to blend sounds through a word to read and spell it properly. The children learn through a wide variety of interactive fun games and activities. 

Following a highly structured approach and pattern, Reading Eggs introduces the technique of reading words from left to right and blending through the word from the very first lesson. There are ‘sound buttons’ in the early stages of the programme to encourage children to make letter-sound correspondences and to teach them how to blend individual phonemes to read words.

Reading Eggs teaches children how to read a core list of high-frequency words quickly and confidently. The skill is known as automaticity and it is crucial for developing reading fluency. There are activities within the programme that help children to build their vocabulary. This is an essential element of learning to read and adapting to skills that help in reading comprehension.

  • Exploration

When a student undertakes e-learning, he/she is offered a vast variety of subjects, topics, and resources to increase their knowledge of their choice. The children can also take up courses of their interest as well as concentrate on their academics and plans. There is no doubt that there are a lot of resources available, but personal choices and prospects should be kept in mind while taking up any online course.

  • Global exposure at the convenience

With a wide network due to advanced technological tools, you can connect to anyone from any corner of the world. You can exchange ideas and communicate globally with your interactive skills. So, as a student or parent, you can collaborate with people in the educational community. Online classes bring many rewards to your child and offer the student to add value to his already existing skills. Online learning is different from traditional methods of learning in various aspects. The environment that it provides and the experience, both relatively inculcate values in your child’s learning process. 

Reading Eggs is a multi-award-winning learn-to-read programme. Watch your child enjoy hundreds of fun counting games, interactive maths lessons, and exciting activities designed to boost their essential maths skills! Parents can access detailed progress reports as well as hundreds of full-colour downloadable activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the programme. Created by experienced primary school teachers for Pre-primary to Class ⁠3, your child will fall in love with the colourful characters and have a blast collecting acorns and hatching new critters at the end of each lesson.

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