Must try after-school Activity for kids

Some After-School Activity For Kids

After-school or extracurricular activities lay the foundation of the overall growth and development of the child. The child socialises and broadens his senses to know his surroundings in a better way. After a long day spent around books and schoolwork, the child requires to spend some time doing what he/she enjoys doing. These extracurricular activities help them to know their passion, hobbies and interests. Children benefit from participating in non-academic activities like games, dance, music etc. As a parent or teacher, you should help the children recognise their potential other than academics because conceptual knowledge is not bound to provide overall development. The important life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and communication are to be learnt better by extracurricular activities.

Although schools are making attempts to create this dual study and activity environment for children. They have multiple options to select from, be it dance club or books club, the students are inspired to join such different groups and see what their interest areas are. If the student performs better in any of the activities, the school promotes him/her in inter-school and intra-school competitions. Not every child has the same mindset or abilities. They have different personalities which develop with time and learning. It is obvious that if the child is not given the opportunity and proper guidance, he might not be able to explore his true self and find his core capabilities. 

It is always better to have a conversation with the child and know the things that he is passionate about. Take a general idea of what your child wants and then search for the right places that can guide him better. Before that, there are a bunch of activities that can be performed to keep the child rejuvenated after school. Let’s look at some of the common extracurricular activities for children!


Music becomes the soul of any culture. People associate music with their identity and ethnicity. Music is everywhere- movies, worship, celebrations and ceremonies. At home, it becomes a medium of entertainment as a part of our everyday experiences. Children experience it more often in lullabies and lyrical poems that parents use to soothe them. Music becomes their way of expressing love and joy. By practising music as a part of extracurricular, the parents can improve their social skills and explore the beauty of music and the art of singing.


Dance is an activity that helps to develop the physical and mental skills of your child. Children find it exciting to participate in group dance. Dance workshops or classes can be arranged for students in school or at home. Many forms of dance teach discipline and endurance. The child becomes familiar with different cultures and their dance forms. Many schools organise dance competitions and performances to keep up with the extracurriculars and make learning fun for the students.


The love for sports that every child has cannot be matched with another activity. Be it indoor or outdoor games, children like to play with a spirit to win every time. Other than competitive spirit, every sport offers and teaches them leadership quality, teamwork, strategizing and contributing to their physical and mental development. If the child is playing extraordinarily, then it is possible to give him a chance to build a career in that particular sport. If the abilities and strengths are recognised at an early stage, the opportunities and end results would be wonderful.


Nobody can match the imagination and creativity of a child. They are blooming artists. Their imagination is not restricted in any way. Also, playing with colours is fun and creating paintings and practising sketches would help them improve their creative skills and the brain become more active in grasping the creative things around them. 

Literary and writing clubs

Literary and writing clubs for children are organised to let out their creativity and enhance their thinking abilities. Books challenge their creativity and form their opinion on certain subjects. While the focus is made on education, the truth is that all work and no play is no way for a child to stay. These activities help further because everyone wants to look at what extra talent the child has. This helps others to understand who you are and your abilities. Extracurricular activities provide a way for them to develop new skills and are beneficial to their academic performance. 

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