Top Preschool learning activities to do at Home

Top Preschool Learning Activities to do at Home

Learning and laughing with an enthusiasm to explore the language and its intricate nature – every parent wishes to create this environment around their child every day.

We are aware that our little ones love to play games. Why not provide these little warriors with a shield? This love for adventure can be used as leverage for play-like outdoor learning activities for early years. It is not possible to teach them everything this way. But preschooling is the best time to prepare them for school with the help of some fun activities like a life-saving mission of escaping from a dark forest! 

Since COVID-19 has disrupted the conventional functioning of our lives, it has become a challenge to create a deeper connection between children and learning at home. Some parents are not involved in any of the activities with their children. As a result, the child loses interest and passion for learning and performing better in academics. Along with the teachers, it is the responsibility of the parent first to give an atmosphere to their child where his imagination blooms and skills get developed eventually with continuous practice. We have created an exhaustive list of games and activities that you can perform with your child and help them learn new skills and shine. Read this blog till the end and know the best learning activities for your preschoolers!

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Beep!- Tap and paint

Nature is miraculous. The children often ask about different seasons around the year and changing lifestyle of creatures likewise. Spring is the blooming season. The sun shines, flowers bloom, trees shed their old leaves and new ones start coming and baby birds start singing. To make this experience memorable for your child, this ‘beep!- tap and paint’ activity is perfect; the beep sound being the alarm of the coming of spring. Ask your child to collect old and dry leaves and pick a new one. Ask them to observe the different qualities of both of the leaves. Instruct them to get an imprint of the fresh green leaf on a plain sheet of paper. Similarly, they can save the blossoming memories by pressing flowers in their art files.

Top Preschool learning activities to do at Home

Cook or role play cooking

Children are very interested in imitating the core tasks of their parents. Whether it’s playing office-office or pretending to cook like a chef, children get very creative in entering the world of adults. Cooking is not just a task but it is an art. Cooking and role play cooking helps the child in engaging in conversation, observing and discussing the ingredients helps in honing their sensory skills. Activities like mixing, kneading, smelling and watching the dish getting ready to help them in understanding and experiencing these changes through sensory actions. So, let your master chef rule the kitchen for a day and watch them build new skills.

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The famous ‘SIMON SAYS’

‘Simon says’ is a very popular learning game that involves teaching children through simple instructions. It goes like: ‘Simon says, Touch your feet.’ You can develop motor skills like jumping, skipping, catching and running, in your child. Make sure you start from zero and then gradually move to complex routines. The complex ones will have multiple actions like: Simon says, ‘pull your left ear, touch your nose and then pull your right ear.’ the child will also develop a deep understanding of receptive language.

Board games and Kaboom!

Board games should be appreciated for their duo- adding a fun factor and having a learning potential. They teach themes of numbers, colours, shapes and phonics- the topics which are crucial for academics too. Moreover, they teach the basic etiquette of waiting for your turn and sharing. Secondly, Kaboom acts like an action word. The children have to pick the labelled letters and avoid picking the card on which Kaboom is written. All 26 letters are written. Ask the child to pick one card at a time. If they select a “Kaboom!”, that means they have to start again.

Imprint letters

With these little fingers, the toddlers love to paint and envision making this world colourful. Give your child letters written in bold on a sheet of paper. Ask them to dip their finger in their favourite colour and make fingerprints along with each letter. In this way, they will learn to identify the shapes of the letters even if they cannot trace them with a pencil.

Top Preschool learning activities to do at Home

Preschooling is prominent in developing a child’s emotional, social and personal skills to interact with others. Preschooling is the foremost experience that a child gets in an organised setting, learning the value of sharing, caring and the will to learn new things fosters their exposure to the real world. Preschool printables and games ensure that knowledge and language are transformed into information and skills. An online programme with the above games in e-Learning format is available in the Reading Eggs Programme.

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