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Curriculum for LKG online class

For kindergartners, the curriculum is formulated with the objective of bestowing the child’s senses with an understanding of this world. The basic concepts like family, environment, plants, and animals are taught to the children which serve as foundational knowledge in their higher education pursuits. To give an understanding of the language, the activities like storytelling, poem recitation, phonetics, and image descriptions are performed with the children. Games and activities are an integral part of a child’s learning experience. It is always recommended to create space for a child’s interests and encourage him to perform well in that field as well. In this way, his basic talent gets positive exposure which can be explored and improved after the initial stage. 

Online classes have facilitated the children and parents to learn at the ease of their homes. 

The digital age has made possible easy accessibility and availability of multiple learning resources. There are multiple sources to learn and read. In this condition, the real challenge that is faced by the majority of parents is to onboard their kids with the right training courses. 

The Reading Eggs programme has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators, and web developers with over 30 years of experience. The Reading Eggs programme focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for the sustained reading success of the child. The multi-award-winning early learning resource supports your child’s “learn to read” journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young children. By incorporating Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine, you will be helping to prepare them for the same structured learning they will need to succeed and feel confident at school. 


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Reading Eggs has helped and supported the proud parents with animated videos, worksheets, analysis and evaluation, library, and lessons. All these resources are designed to cater to the interest and enthusiasm of the child and allow him to learn playfully. These online classes for LKG are ample in aiding the complete understanding of the children beginning with the school. Parents can give time to their child’s learning sessions. They will be sent a report of their child’s progress to keep them informed about the specific areas for improvement. The LKG online class is a fantastic way to boost the child’s imagination and develop his understanding abilities. 

Parents are always eager to capture the first action of their child. To make those moments memorable, Reading Eggs ensures that the child gets his first learning experience as magical. For our team, it is important to address the needs of this young explorer more creatively. With endless enjoyable activities from Nursery to Class 8, the Reading Eggs programme aims to develop and strengthen the skills of your child. 



Streamlined learning process

Reading Eggs follows a very recreational approach in developing its curriculum for LKG online class. From a wide variety of books to animated videos, Reading Eggs aids the child in understanding the concepts quicker and memorising for the long run. 

Easy accessibility

The content can be accessed anytime and anywhere once the annual subscription is activated. Students can enjoy the lessons and resources through any of the smart devices. 

Personalised experience 

Parents are given reports of their child’s progress. They can thoroughly review and analyse the performance of their child. The lessons can be revisited anytime to fill any required gaps for improvement. 

Book 14 days FREE trial For LKG Students!


Frequently Asked Questions For LKG Online Class

Is there a trial period available for the programme?

Yes, there is a 14 day free trial for this programme. 

How do I sign up for the programme?

You can simply sign up for the programme from our website.

What is the duration of the Reading Eggs programme?

With the curriculum design, the programme has an annual subscription for Nursery to Class 8. The child can learn at his pace and access the class-wise resources from the comfort of his home. 

Should parents be involved?

For LKG online classes, it is advised that the parents accompany the child and guide him throughout the sessions. As the child settles down, the parents can let the child become independent. 

Do parents receive the scorecard of their child? 

Yes, the parents will receive the reports of their child after every quiz or assessment.

How user-friendly is the Reading Eggs programme?

The Reading Eggs programme is definitely user-friendly. Once the user gets the login credentials, one has to just log in and access the curriculum and resources.


Book 14 days FREE trial For LKG Students!


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