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Maths Worksheets For Class 1 & Mental Maths Downloadable PDF

With an ambition to go the extra mile in providing the best education to the students, New Education Policy 2020 has promoted skill-based and competency-based assessment, and NIPUN Bharat, with its commitment towards improving the achievement of student learning outcomes in the foundational years of schooling. To evaluate, a ‘Structured Assessment for Analyzing Learning (SAFAL)’ is devised which will provide the insights and data to assess the core competencies of the student and concentrate on the overall development of children. To align the goals of the Indian government in uplifting the standard of education imparted to the students, Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar has come up with essential early mathematical concepts in an engaging way for our young toddlers. There are recreational worksheets which can be downloaded for free; covering topics such as addition, number sequence, patterns, time, length, mass, 2D and 3D shapes, and many more for your children to practise and learn. 


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Let us look at the targets for foundational numeracy for children in Class 1.

  1. Counts objects and correlates numerals up to 20.
  2. Recognises and reads numerals up to 99.
  3. Using addition and subtraction of numbers up to 9 in daily life situations.
  4. Observes and describes the physical properties of 3D shapes (solid shapes) around him/her like round/flat surfaces, the number of corners and edges, etc.
  5. Estimates and verifies length using non-uniform units like hand span, footstep, fingers, etc., and capacity using non-standard uniform units like a cup, spoon, mug, etc. 
  6. Creates and recites short poems and stories using shapes and numbers. 

Reading Eggs offers over 5000 worksheets for English, phonics, maths, and handwriting. Mathseeds is an amusing mathematical programme for children aged 3-6 years. The programme covers a journey from the basic conceptual and sequential lesson with games and activities built to develop early numeracy and problem-solving skills in your child. 


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A child develops a passion for learning by continuously practising, using the existing skills they have gained in the former years of their schooling. A glimpse of the incredible approach that Mathseeds follows to deliver the best learning experience to your child- the core Mathseeds programme has instructional movies and interactive activities that mark the beginning of every lesson. The movies and activities are specially designed to ensure the active participation of the children. The video sequences are intertwined with short and engaging activities that keep the student focused and aware of the areas for improvement. Moreover, the instructional movies culminate with a song. The activities are carefully designed to give students crucial opportunities to review, revise and repeat their skills. Mental maths worksheets for class 1 allow the children to explore their knowledge and connect between the mathematical ideas. The programme is so structured that the concepts introduced in the early lessons are revisited by the child for an advanced level.  

Maths Worksheets For Class 1

Maths worksheets enable a stepwise mechanism for learning diverse topics. By practising, a child will be more active in approaching any problem strategically, identify his mistakes and develop new skills. These maths worksheets for class 1 have lively visuals that assist the students in forming a better perspective and conceptualising the ideas that take them to the correct answer. As opposed to already curated audio and video content available on the web, worksheets add value to the learning process. The students also have the flexibility of time in solving these worksheets at their pace and access them anytime from their computer. Our class 1 maths worksheets are free and available in pdf format. These printable maths worksheets for grade 1 help your child to implement adequate techniques and strategies in getting a better understanding of the mathematical problems.

These worksheets are designed by highly experienced educators, experts and designers as per the latest CBSE guidelines for Class 1 Maths. These comprehensive maths worksheets for grade 1 are systematically curated to provide your children ease and assistance in learning creatively and scoring more marks in academics. Preparation for exams or learning basics with an enhanced and sustained online learning experience.


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