Best Books for Learn to Read for Kids with Best Reading Strategy

Best Books to Learn to Read for Kids

Reading books is the key takeaway from your academics. Learning a language and being an expert in its know-how is the core fundamental of teaching. Being able to learn to read and write in English and develop an understanding is a huge achievement. Teachers make the children ready for the real world. The skills are based on real-time situations where the children can ensure their best decision-making. As an example, the children are taught about the various fruits and plant species. This is how they learn to use this knowledge when they are stuck and have no food to eat. The child knows the names of edible fruits and makes use of the same to keep him well-fed with no processed food on him. Likewise, multiple skills are initiated to make the child ‘a social animal’- learning to read in English is one of them. Reading is fun and relaxing at the same time. For a child, reading plays a vital role in developing comprehension skills and vocabulary. Now, the cause of concern is to select the best books for your child while he is growing up to learn to read. Children are likely to lose interest in books that are above their reading levels. By choosing your reading English books for beginners wisely, you should have a very positive experience. Well, your hunt ends here with a unique revelation. Have you heard about lexical levels? 


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Lexical levels show grade level based on word’s complexity and expected familiarity of the reader with it. It is also related to readability, vocabulary, and comprehension of the language. No wonder these books are full of adventures and miraculous characters- and the stories are woven to make the young learner engaged and entertained. Reading helps them gain new experiences and perspectives. What better way is there to delve into someone’s way of thinking and learn from the author’s experiences? The new information that you come across can be about language, culture, society, and history to which young children read with an open and fresh mind. There is a way to learn to read English without any stress whatsoever. A fact check: any English-speaking child can tell you, there is no denying Dr. Seuss, if you love reading but you’re a little afraid of making mistakes or are a beginner, you will need to make your daily reading practice rewarding with Reading Eggspress

The library offers: 

  • Books for all students from K-6, Reading Levels 0-34, Lexiles BR- 1400L.
  • Books that meet grade-specific text complexity demands for all children. 
  • Engaging levelled questions for each book to assess reading comprehension


Book 14 days FREE trial for Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar !


Reading Eggspress introduces more than 3500 e-books on its digital shelves. The team has carefully made a personal space for the learner for quality literature, poetry, and drama texts as well as a wide variety of informative texts on historically significant and topical world issues. There are two kinds of libraries available- a teacher library and a student library. 

Teacher library

In ‘Find A Book’, the teacher’s interface has a variety of features that takes reading practice to another level. It is a very common dilemma when it comes to choosing the right book. The advanced filters assist the user to get the right set of books and then choose from them. The filters are designed based on:

  1. Book band
  2. Reading level
  3. F & P (Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Levels): A to Z
  4. Reading age
  5. Year level

There is an additional filter on the top on the basis of colour band; ranging from pink to dark red. The teacher can create collections and add more books to the collection. Book reviews help to know others’ views on the book, their experience while reading the book. It also allows you to write your own review on any book. The teacher can bookmark any page. Every book is a loud book where the artificial intelligence-curated ‘Read To Me’ feature lets the user listen to the right pronunciation of the individual word and pace up to develop fluent reading. 

Student library 

The student library begins with a chase to ‘Find A book’ or settles with ‘Book Of The Day’. The books are categorised on the basis of different genres- plants, animals, earth science, art, ocean, space, myths, adventure, and fantasy, etc. The ‘Read To Me’ feature is available for students too. 


A library report is a unique feature that keeps track of the progress of the child. It is a smart feature for smart parents and teachers who can keep a check on their child’s progress. The report presents an overview of the number of books the student has read, the type, its genre, and word length. After the child finishes reading, he will be given a quiz related to the questions in the text. That will give the teacher or parent a better idea of his improvements. The aggregate scores and a detailed report keep the mentor updated and help him to choose the best books as his fluency gets improved with daily reading practice.

With over 3500 + e-books, each ending in a comprehension quiz brings in confidence, self-worth and improves their conceptual understanding.

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Book 14 days FREE trial for Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar !

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