What do you understand by Reading Comprehension?

In simple terms, reading comprehension refers to the ability to understand and derive meaning from written words. Many people confuse reading comprehension with simply identifying words. Well, recognising the written content might be a piece of cake but reading comprehension adds value to an individual understanding of the English language. It takes time to develop an understanding of the unique interpretation of any story. A story is a series of events, but finding the hidden gems of morality and humanity becomes the real accomplishment of the reader. Reading comprehension makes reading engaging and informative. It is required to achieve success in academics and workplaces. Reading comprehension worksheets are a creative way to develop comprehension skills in the child step-by-step


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Reading Comprehension Worksheets: Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar

The key highlights of our Reading Comprehension worksheets are: 

  1. Vocabulary
  2. High-frequency sight words
  3. Reading level
  4. Skills that include building vocabulary, visual discrimination, sequencing, and summarising.


Learn English with Reading comprehension worksheets
Learn English with Reading comprehension worksheets

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Learn English with Reading comprehension worksheets

What are Reading Comprehension strategies? 

There are multiple techniques to improve reading comprehension. Although it takes time, effort, and regular practice to enhance comprehension abilities. For young children, parents and teachers generally consider reading comprehension worksheets best to improve their skills and gradually allow them to use the strategies independently. From class 1 onwards, the reading comprehension worksheets help the child to enhance his thinking process. The English worksheets for class 1 help the child to think actively which boosts his imagination and develops critical thinking skills. We have discussed a few effective reading comprehension strategies below: 

Start with a guessing game

The guessing game keeps the parents and teachers informed about the level of understanding of the child. This helps in further guidance and making amends in techniques and appropriate reading comprehension exercises that will help him to achieve the goal. The child is generally asked to share his opinions about what he understood or what is his opinion about any incident that occurred. Guessing does not restrict the child from giving a right or wrong answer. Their answers should be purely based on what information they gathered from the story or poem. Questioning helps in keeping the child attentive as well as building their interest in the text. This technique helps the child keep their guesses in line and connect dots with the other events of the story. 

Visual mapping

Visual mapping plays a significant role in understanding the text. It enables the child to create visuals in his mind as he goes on reading the text. The mental images create a space to recall minute details and come to a conclusion. Some of the activities that can boost a child’s imagination are asking children to draw or simply create a movie in their mind with the help of the sentences that they read.

In a nutshell…

The strategy allows children to recognise the insights and main outline of the stories that they read. This step involves filtering out relevant information. When asked, the child should ensure that he is answering to the point without adding any irrelevant information. This technique should be saved for the end when they are left with summarising what they have read and understood. 


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What is the significance of Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension skills are foundational in understanding and developing fluency in any language. These skills are a part of life skills that will come in handy in all walks of life. Be it scoring more in academics or interpreting the hidden connotations, comprehension brings confidence. These skills cannot be acquired in a day. They need continuous practice in both academic and professional fields. Comprehension skills are valuable as they bring skills like critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

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