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Online or digital storytelling has been a crucial tool in adding a new flavour to the creativity of children. Initially, the classroom was no more than delivering lectures and writing notes on the blackboard. But times have changed and so has the demand for new techniques and their implementation in the curriculum. Digital media- be it interactive whiteboards, smart devices, podcasts, or blogs, their exposure has been proven beneficial in the growth and development of the child’s brain and its functionalities. The students are exposed to practical learning and experimentation rather than theoretical learning. It would be a step up in their learning process if they are encouraged to adopt the digital mode of learning from the beginning. It is to be noted that parents’ and teachers’ guidance gives direction to their learning. The sole reason for parents adopting digital platforms to make learning more interactive and comprehensive for their children is the need for creative minds and talent in the corporate world. This prepares them to be involved with more advanced technology and learn smartly altogether.

Technology is prime when it comes to digital storytelling. It is the art of using digital tools to tell stories and ideas. Most children’s books are circulated in the form of animated videos with tuned audio and subtitles. These stories are presented more compellingly and engagingly. How interesting is a ten-minute story that stays in the memory for the longest time than a two hours long lecture which generally focuses on the facts? It has become an education method that is very common for classroom use. This multimedia tool adds a motivation factor for children and also supports engaging teaching methods for teachers. Online storytelling has made establishing and achieving learning goals quickly and fruitfully. To convince you that digital platforms are very useful in storytelling, here are the top reasons why digital storytelling is the best way of learning for children.

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Digital storytelling goes parallel with developing leadership qualities

All the great minds start their journey in the classrooms. Hence, it becomes important to cultivate all those qualities and skills in them that would help them in becoming the leaders of the future. The students get to learn about their passions, and interests. It initiates with telling them inspirational stories. The stories help them in believing. Students present their views during the storytelling session. That helps in creating the desire to act, and use both creative and analytical thinking skills. The students start to develop confidence and their potential. 

Secondly, it is always said that good leaders become good listeners. Storytelling teaches them to develop good listening skills. Carolyn Conforti has rightly said, ‘’[We] have always learned about life from our family’s narratives, and… we learn to live our lives in more productive ways when we can learn to listen to the stories of others.”  


Digital storytelling promotes compatibility with technology

Digital fluency and literacy have become prominent in recent years. For children’s careers as well as their survival in these modern times, the need for the knowledge of smart tools and devices speaks for itself. Parents and teachers should encourage the positive use of digital technology in their children. Digital storytelling gives them a chance to explore and interact with the internet in a safe environment. Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar has a library with over 3500+ e-books that have a lot of exciting features. You can enjoy the free trial for the programme by clicking on the 14 days demo link.


Book 14 days FREE trial for Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar

Digital storytelling creates the path for assessment and collaboration

Storytelling can be used for various purposes like:

  1. Teaching an academic concept.
  2. Teaching any specific skill to children.
  3. Bringing awareness to an area of concern.
  4. Discussing and sharing different perspectives.

The books and stories have quizzes at the end to check students’ progress in developing their comprehension skills. Parents get timely reports about the same. The stories can be visited anytime and anywhere. Students love to listen to stories. There are a variety of genres available in the Reading Eggs programme. The texts are also segregated based on lexical levels and reading bands. Teachers and students can collaborate on the same texts to create a room for discussion. Online storytelling through loud books has helped students with grasping new words and their pronunciation easily. 

On one hand, online storytelling has created a unique space for meaningful learning; it has helped in subtly ingesting a set of information. With an age-appropriate approach, digital media allows the students to engage realistically in the message and purpose of the story. The art of storytelling persuades the mind and heart. It is more likely that the teachers and parents get an emotional response for the children. Hence, the stories encourage the child to explore his passions and learn real-life skills and values from them.

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Book 14 days FREE trial for Reading Eggs with Ratna Sagar


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