Where I can find Activity Books for Children Online

Where I can find Activity Books for Children Online

A child’s mind starts to develop before he begins with school and adapts to a complex lifestyle. He shows a keen interest in his surroundings and starts giving his opinion while observing. The child asks more questions and develops an understanding of the objects and people around him. When your child shows such development, it is important to engage them in interactive activities. The ability to enact and improve is present in the child. Parents often confuse activities and activity books with costly material and distraction. But activities have been timeless in education. Pottery, beading, painting, and weaving were being done by the children apart from the classroom. Now, activity books and online learning have made it possible for children and parents to actively participate with ease in their homes.

Schools are also adding activity books to their curriculum to ensure the overall development of the children. The activities focus on the core areas like memory, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. Activity books for children are interesting and also serve the purpose of education. For example, the colouring books teach them to recognise various colours, shapes, and patterns. These books are more like ice on the cake with multi-layered benefits for the children. The benefits of the activity books for kids are as follows.

Enhance concentration ability

Young children find it difficult to concentrate and finish one task at a time. They are constantly distracted from their surroundings. This distraction can be avoided by activity books for children; they are allowed to do what they like the most – colouring, painting, and making handmade origami. These activities keep the child engaged and absorbed in a single activity for a long time. It increases their focus and motivates them to reach the finish line.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills are defined as the ability to make movements by using small muscles of hands and wrists. These skills are required for daily tasks. With activity books, the child is involved in holding pens, colours, and scissors. Many activities focus on generating strength of the child’s hand and finger muscles. 


Activity books help the child acquire time and space for a specific project. If they are asked to colour, then they will be indulged in colouring only. Colouring can help them improve eye and hand coordination. Children initially start with scribbling carelessly. Colouring within the lines helps them improve eye and hand coordination.

Hobbies and interests

Activity books bring out the best talents in a child. These books help the child to explore his passion and interests. Activities are the road to exploration. One of the common problems that a child faces is that their schoolwork is boring. Through activities, a child learns and there is no room for boredom. By completing fun activities, children do not even realise and it is the best way to refine their skills without making them feel stressed or pressurised. The children use their maximum potential and creativity in creating the best art. The activities like brain teasers, puzzles, and mazes help in improving their maths skills as well. Completing patterns and visual recognition help in building critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in them.

Psychological and emotional benefits

With every task, the child associates a sense of accomplishment. Giving them what they love will inspire them and develop a positive attitude towards tasks. It can help to build confidence and an attitude to challenge their capabilities. The child learns different emotions with a set of activities. He learns various social skills in order to be prepared for a school environment. There are a lot of mentally stimulating activity books available to assist a child’s learning and support them with mental stability. We have compiled some of the best activity books for toddlers. You can even buy these from here.

Life Made Easy (English, Maths, and Science)

A quick tour of the activity book- Life made Easy. Nik, Dom, and Jo are best friends. They love going on adventures and learning new things. Life Made Easy illustrates the journey of these friends in a fun and interactive way. Their daily conversations and friendly banter will help young learners understand the mysteries of English, Maths, and Science. These are a bunch of activities that will keep the child entertained. Buy these children’s activity books from here

Tough It Out

The book is very beautifully designed and has stories with activities. We know that children face many day-to-day problems in their lives. Some big, some small—but all of these appear larger than life which should immediately be addressed to children. This series of graphic novels aims not only to provide information and advice to kids but also help them deal with these problems in a fun and interesting way. Buy this activity book for children from here.

Time to sail

Time to Sail has everything- rhymes, stories, and activities. The series aims to inculcate a love of reading in young children. Not only that, but the series also increases the child’s knowledge of each tale/rhyme. Children will get to learn and practice new words and other basic things as they read the book. Buy this activity book from here.

Halloween Fun

This activity-based book is ideal for all Halloween lovers and non-lovers. Those who love Halloween will love the book for all the nuggets of information it has on famous monsters and supernatural creatures. Those who don’t will love it for the fun activities it consists of. Kids will take to this book like no other. Buy this activity book from here

The (W)hole series

The structure of this book is so intriguing. Books with real holes in the shape of a circle, a square, or a line, are sure to catch the attention of children. There are activities around the holes in each book, which not only sustain but also complement the stories in each book. Buy this activity book from here

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