Mathematical And Counting Games : An amazing approach towards learning

Mathematical And Counting Games An amazing approach towards learning

Why Mathematical Counting Games?

Mathematics begins and ends on numbers. Counting money online games are the allowance that the children get when they start learning and enter the world of mathematics. Are you wondering how? Well, math games for high schoolers are no different than any game or activity you did in your childhood to get a good command over -counting (forwards and backward both), digits, and their place values. As parents play a crucial role in preparing their children for school, teaching them counting becomes a top priority task. Teaching them like a teacher cannot make the child learn more with concentration. That’s why fun games and activities are devised to make them learn the concepts faster and more efficiently. Once a child learns one, two, three, and what comes after, then the advanced concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are introduced. Teachers and experts believe that math games for high schoolers can master the children in counting as well as learning new concepts.

Learning how to count is an exciting journey in itself, especially when it’s achieved with a variety of games. Usually, parents start by putting similar objects in one place and ask the child to count them or repeat the counting with them. But these games can vary from offline fun activities to online matching and sequencing like advanced games on smart devices.

What are the Benefits of Mathematical Counting Games?

Games evoke a competitive spirit and motivate the children to perform at the best of their capacity. For a child, games are all about winning and having fun. Likewise, mathematics is about solving and reaching the correct answer. Counting games allow exploring a lot of concepts like fundamental number concepts. These concepts are then bifurcated into learning counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence and computation techniques. The counting games give them the knowledge of mathematical understanding and reasoning. Parents and teachers should be open to creating opportunities for the children to play. Moreover, they can observe the new patterns and strategies to improve the skills of the child. Games are like a tool because:

  1. Mathematical games develop mathematical thinking in children to look for the right opportunities and strategies for solving problems and deepen their understanding of numbers and reasoning.
  2. Counting games or other advanced activities can inculcate computational fluency in children.
  3. In general, games show the chances for practice and create the need for becoming better even without any supervising body. It means teachers and parents can observe or assess their progress without giving them problems and constant practice would bring good results and development of their skills.
  4. Counting games make the children familiar with the number system and benchmark numbers like 10s, 100s, and 1000s. This knowledge helps them to build an understanding of operations.
  5. Games are not categorised as mere events. They create a school-to-home connection. They develop an emotional connection where the parents can evaluate their child’s mathematical thinking and become involved in the learning process by playing games with them at home.

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Which Is Better? – Online vs Offline Mathematical Games

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that online platforms have contributed to curating a number sense games online free for children. The interesting thing is that the children do not need any kind of physical material to start with. Just a smart device and you are ready to play and learn! On the other hand, offline games require some prior arrangements. For instance, if you plan to play with flashcards, then you will require physical papers, colours and creatives to make the game more interactive. While if it’s in online mode, the graphics will be so lucrative that you will be lured to play the game and learn the important concepts. The end result should be knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts which can be achieved either way- online or offline.


Reading Eggs Mathseeds Counting Games

All lessons and activities can be repeated as often as necessary; so that children can revise and consolidate their skills. Not only can your child explore hundreds of fun counting games, but they can also explore exciting learning areas, building math facts fluency with timed 60-second sprints in Mental Minute, testing out their new skills with a Driving Test and so much more!

Mathseeds is available to explore with your subscription of Reading Eggs, the multi-award-winning learn‑to‑read programme. Watch your child enjoy hundreds of fun counting games, interactive math lessons and exciting activities designed to boost their essential maths skills! Parents can access detailed progress reports as well as hundreds of full-colour downloadable activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the programme. Created by experienced primary school teachers for Pre-Nursery to Class ⁠3, your child will fall in love with the colourful characters and have a blast collecting acorns and hatching new critters at the end of each lesson.

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