Toddler Books

Beautifully illustrated stories and colourful photographic concept books encourage children to build language skills, concentration, comprehension and vocabulary

Non-fiction Books

Animals Let's get wild! It's fun to learn about bugs, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. Promotes vocabulary and reading readiness with lots of read-aloud words and pictures to talk about.

Concepts Build key skills in phonics, colours, counting and shapes with this photo-filled series. Promotes thinking skills, vocabulary and curiosity with many concepts and pictures to talk about.

Countries These photo-filled books show people, places and foods from all around the world. Promotes reading for enjoyment and encourages curiosity about the world.

Home Learn about the things you like at home—favourite food, clothes and toys. What do you like about your home? Helps build a connection between books and everyday places and activities.

Machines Brrrm! Whirrrr! Psssss! Learn about amazing machines like cars, planes, robots and trucks. Promotes vocabulary and critical thinking skills to classify groups of things.

Pets and Farm Animals Meow! Baa! Moo! Children love learning about pets and animals that live on farms. Promotes vocabulary, language and critical thinking skills.

The World Around Us Flowers, seasons, weather, space. There's so much to learn about the wonderful world around us. Helps build vocabulary and establishes a connection between books and the world around us.

Alphabet A collection of bright and beautifully designed books for each letter of the alphabet. Promotes phonemic awareness and builds connections between sounds and letters.

Numbers Count how many penguins, hamsters, dogs, cats and bugs you see as you turn each page. Builds number recognition and counting skills.

Alphabet I Spy Can you spy the six things beginning with A? What about a fruit beginning with M? Look inside these books – what can you see? Helps build phonemic awareness and vocabulary.

Feelings Learn to identify feelings and emotions — such as sad, scared, happy and angry. Promotes social and emotional development, communication skills and positive relationships.

Spanish Hola! Explore different Spanish titles which feature gorgeous illustrations and photographs. Builds Spanish vocabulary, language and early reading skills.

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