The Best Educational Apps For Kids

The comprehensive Reading Eggs and Mathseeds with Ratna Sagar app and our many other standalone maths apps and literacy apps, make learning on the go fun and easy for kids.

Check out our expansive list of awesome reading and maths apps to make the most of your child’s Reading Eggs experience:

– Reading Apps – Maths Apps – Eggy Time – Eggsperts Apps – Interactive Appisodes


Brimming with hundreds of engaging reading and phonics lessons, spelling and alphabet games, plus videos, word puzzles and over 3,000 e‑books for kids to learn on the go!

Features and Benefits in Best Educational Apps For Kids

– A comprehensive learn‑to‑read system for 2 to 13‑year‑olds, covering the five essential components of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. – Ability to match children to their perfect learning level so they can progress with self‑paced, one‑on‑one lessons. – Based on scientific research and learning principles on the most effective way for kids to learn to read.

– Motivating rewards that keep kids wanting to progress and build on their knowledge, including collectable pets and golden eggs. – High success rate and hundreds of positive testimonials make this the ultimate learning to read programme. – Ability to access the programme on a tablet device, so kids can learn to read anywhere, anytime!

Features and Benefits in Best Educational Apps For Kids

Focus on Literacy with Educational Apps For Kids

Eggy Alphabet

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 250

Eggy Phonics 1

Marvelous Maths Apps for Numeracy Success

Eggy Numbers 1–10

 Eggy Add to 20

Eggy X Tables

Telling the Time Educational App

Eggy Time

These apps are FREE, as are the Eggy Vocabulary, Eggy Word Snap, and Eggy Nursery Rhymes apps. Download today so your child can hone their literacy skills while having fun. All perfect for kids aged 3 years and up.