Story Books For Kids

Fables Retold -  Short Bedtime Story Books For Kids - Aesop's Fables

The stories celebrate similar themes of friendship, honor, kindness, and patience in a contemporary setting. It brings Aesop's fables into the 21st century. An interesting art style and fun storytelling make this book a must for each library and home.

Red Riding Hood -  Bedtime Story Books For Kids In English Ages 5 To 8 (Twist In The Tale)

We have all heard of the little girl who wanders into the woods and meets a wolf. But what if we never quite heard what really happened? What if the wolf was not the big bad wolf everyone thought he was? What if the story we heard was concocted more from fear than from fact? This twisted tale throws new light on events. Read on to see if the deep, dark woods still seem as scary as they once did.

More Tales From India -  The Illustrated Moral Tales And Story Book For Children