Read-Aloud Toddler Books

Reading Eggs Junior features a growing library of more than 200 online books, both fiction and nonfiction, all with read-aloud audio.

Beautifully illustrated stories and colourful photographic concept books encourage children to build language skills, concentration, comprehension and vocabulary.

Fiction Books

Mother Goose Gather round and share classic Mother Goose stories from all over the world. Builds rhythm and phonemic awareness.

Rhyming New and traditional rhyming stories, including action rhymes that are fun to read, and easy to listen to again and again. Builds phonemic awareness.

Bella Bella is a little ginger kitten. She wants to play dress-ups, make new friends and have adventures. But at the end of the day, she wants to snuggle up at home. Promotes imaginative play and helps build concentration skills.

Axel & Bella For Prince Axel and his sister Daisy Boo, their castle is the perfect place for wild adventures. Are you ready to play? Promotes imaginative play and communication skills for positive family relationships.

Quiggle Quiggle is a small orange owl who lives in the forest with his friends Meerkat, Mouse and Beetle. Builds an interest in new experiences and promotes communication skills.

Reggie & Friends Come and see inside Reggie's world, it's so much fun! Join Reggie and his friends as they play every day. Promotes a healthy lifestyle and an interest in new experiences.

Find It! Stop and look closely. What can you see? There are many things hiding for you and me. Promotes vocabulary skills and builds visual perceptual skills.

Lulu Lulu likes to play dress-ups and pretend with her family. What will Lulu be today? Promotes imaginative play and helps build family relationships.

Bert and Beth Bert and Beth are lucky to have a great Grandpa to look after them. Come along as Grandpa takes them on fantastic adventures near and far. Promotes positive family relationships and encourages imaginative play.

Catty Jane Catty Jane's best friends are Piggy, Froggy and Goose. See how they work together to problem solve in all situations. Promotes imaginative play and helps build family relationships.

The Adventures of Spot Spot is an energetic puppy and every day brings a new adventure. Follow him as he finds new smells, animals and friends. Promotes reading for enjoyment and encourages curiosity about the world.

Splinter The Cat Spot's got a new friend, Splinter the cat. Can Spot and Splinter be friends? Promotes social development and problem solving skills.

High Five Creative picture books about family, school and toys to spark the imagination. Helps build a connection between books and everyday activities.

High Five Rhyme Rhyming picture books that tell stories of animals, people and places to make you smile. Builds phonemic awareness.

Bears Follow along with the bear-y adventurous bears. What will they get up to next? Fosters an enjoyment for reading and builds early reading skills.

Me Learn about different families, body parts, self-care routines and, well, everything to do with being YOU! Assists social and emotional development and builds understanding about healthy and active bodies.

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