A Wonderful World of Reading for Your Toddler

Reading Eggs Junior nurtures an early love of reading through play, discovery and laughter.

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There's a whole world waiting to be discovered! Reading Eggs Junior features hundreds of books, videos and learning games created specifically for 2 to 4 year olds

A library of books

The carousel library has 250+ read-aloud books, carefully chosen for toddlers. Filled with age‑appropriate stories, nursery rhymes, alphabet and concept books, as well as a huge range of non-fiction books,

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Captivating videos

Your toddler can watch hundreds of videos that feature beautifully animated and real-life stories. Bursting with fun music, songs and captivating tales, these videos aren't just entertaining—they're designed to build important skills like phonemic awareness, sequencing and alphabet knowledge

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Fun learning activities

Explore delightful learning areas where your toddler can play interactive games and activities and collect stickers!  Each activity is fun and educational, growing your child's phonemic awareness, vocabulary, listening skills, alphabet recognition and handwriting skills.

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Progress reports

As your child progresses, you'll receive regular updates on their favourite books, videos and activities. Watch their progress, interests and skills develop as they play. The more they play, the more they learn!

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